The Bunny Tale

Author Inspires Kids While Fighting Terminal Cancer

I don’t actually remember how I first met Renee Robinson. I think it all started when some unmitigated ‘Ho wrote a cruel review about her writing, and I jumped to her defense. That sounds about like me. Anyone who could write cruelly about someone who does what Renee does with her life deserves a smack-down. […]

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Marrow by Sabne Raznik

Sabne Raznik*- This book stirs many emotions in me. I am terminal with stage 4 colon cancer. I have written about how those who have been personally affected by cancer, whether the patient or survivor, we have a bond. We have an understanding that did not exist until the ugly hand of cancer came down to torment someone you love. Sabne Raznik has a beautifully poetic way of knitting together a warm and touching story. What makes this so incredibly special is it is not just any story. Sadly, it is a true story about a little boy- And not just any boy, but the nephew of the author. Although it may be a difficult read, it is loving, it is touching, it is truth, it tells the story of all who are inflicted with cancer and of those who love and care for someone with this monstrous disease. The author’s heart is in every word. I cannot think of a better book to buy. The proceeds go toward destroying the beast named Cancer, and there is no other writing which can reach inside and touch you more deeply.

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Attention Writers, Readers and Reviewers of Children’s Books

It is a group for those who read, write or read and write Children’s Books.

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Annoucing “Captain Chemo. Out Cancer, Out!” by Renee Robinson

Inspired by a love for children and a desire to touch the grandchildren she would likely never meet, she wrote her way into the Amazon Best Sellers Top 100 for Children’s Books

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Book Listing

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You Better Hurry!

TIME IS UP. DON’T BE LATE! GET THE BUNNY TALE EBOOK FREE AT GOODREADS. Today is the LAST day to get your free eBook copy of THE BUNNY TALE available only at GOODREADS. Click on the links in this paragraph for your FREE EBOOK today only. For Paperback, use the links below! Paperback available at for $8.68The Bunny Tale is a wonderful new tale every child will love. The story is told in rhyme and includes colorful illustrations.This quick, easy read makes it the perfect bedtime story. Bonus coloring pages included in all copies except digital. The Bunny Tale is an excellent addition to every child’s Easter Basket. excerpt:Though he knew he shouldn’t Off the path he veered He prayed he would be safe From all the beasts he feared Slowly he hopped, the lonely trail It wasn’t long he was pulled by the tail […]

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