Cherry ‘Maters, Vol 1

Introducing the first book of the “Cherry Maters Series”, Granny Has A Whisker. She may not be the typical grandmother, but she sure is fun.  Currently, available in digital format and paperback. Paperback includes a coloring chapter featuring Granny with her many faces, and the grandchild with his. They represent every grandmother and grandchild. They have a close, loving relationship, just like you and your granny and me with mine. 🙂

Granny Has A Whisker,

Vol 1-Cherry Maters Series: My Granny has a really long whisker. It is so long, I can use It to jumprope. It is so long, I can use it to water ski.Sometimes it pokes me in the eye, I don’t like that Granny’s story is told in rhyme just like Dr. Seuss! Granny also slipped some coloring pages in the back so everyone can color the both of us. Isn’t that cool?I Have the bestest Granny in the world. You might think so too if you read her story.

bc gran red


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